Mini Copy Book

Extracts from Fiction

Economy – With a Dash of Love

Gabriel Betteredge’s cottage was cosy, his employment rewarding and his status respectable, but his cup of happiness was not quite full.

Length: 112 words

The British Constitution

Liberty and the Magistrate

The citizen should not dutifully accept government intrusion as the price of community life.

Length: 116 words

Classical History

Treat Me Like a King!

When Porus, the Indian king, surrendered to Alexander the Great at Jhelum, he had only one request to make of him.

Length: 117 words

Liberty and Prosperity

By Wager of Battle

It began to look as if Abraham Thornton might go down for rape and murder, so his attorneys dug deep into their bag of legal tricks.

Length: 117 words

The British Constitution

The Wisdom of the People

In one of his ‘Cato Letters’, John Trenchard took issue with the view (popular in Westminster) that the public could not be left to make up their own minds.

Length: 113 words

Russian History

The Great Northern War

Peter the Great wanted Russia to join the nations of Western Europe, but the nations of Western Europe refused to make room for him.

Length: 115 words