Mini Copy Book

The Second World War

‘Please Respect our Traditions’

Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens took his wartime protest straight to the top.

Length: 112 words

Character and Conduct

The Absent Minded Conquerors

Sir John Seeley urged us to cherish our close ties to India and other nations beyond Europe.

Length: 60 words

Indian History

Srinivasa Ramanujan

A maths prodigy from Madras became so wrapped up in his sums that he forgot to pass his examinations.

Length: 108 words

Indian History

An Avoidable Tragedy

Adam Smith argued that the Bengal Famine of 1769 would have been much less of a tragedy under a free trade policy.

Length: 52 words

Indian History

The Great Bengal Famine

The Governor of Bengal accused the East India Company of turning a crisis into a humanitarian catastrophe.

Length: 107 words

Character and Conduct

The Englishman

George Santayana had the chance to observe our national character at the height of Empire.

Length: 57 words