Mini Copy Book

Lives of the Saints

The Trials of Alexander Nevsky

Lucy Cazalet gives an overview of the remarkable Russian ruler, who showed the courage of a prince and the humility of a saint.

Length: 113 words

Free Trade and Markets

Muir and Mirrielees

The Scottish department store near the Bolshoi Theatre inspired an affection that contrasted sharply with Westminster’s Russophobia.

Length: 113 words

French Revolution

Polly Piper

Young Thomas Cochrane learned early on that for a sailor, making a pet of a parrot could be surprisingly hazardous.

Length: 111 words

Scottish History

A Defective Education

Sir Walter Scott tells the story of how a distinguished Scottish professor nearly became Little John to Scotland’s Robin Hood.

Length: 115 words

Extracts from Literature

The Wrong Hand

Davy Copperfield is not pleased at having to compete for his mother’s affection with Edward Murdstone.

Length: 118 words

Sport and Sportsmen

The Sayers-Heenan Fight

Victorian England was agog at the prospect of Tom Sayers meeting a confident but unproven challenger from the USA.

Length: 116 words