Mini Copy Book

Classical History

Rome, Ruin and Revenue

Rome’s greedy tax policy in Britain and Gaul left farmers with little to show for their labours but the stripes on their backs.

Length: 112 words

Modern History

A Near Thing

During the Battle of Inkerman in 1854, one of Lord Raglan’s hospital sergeants had a close encounter with a Russian cannonball.

Length: 56 words

Indian History

Two Queens of Travancore

Lakshmi and her sister Parvati enlisted the help of the British Resident, Colonel Munro, to steady the Kingdom of Travancore.

Length: 109 words


A Cock and Horses

When some people talk about compromise, what they mean is that everyone else should compromise for their benefit.

Length: 53 words

Daniel Defoe

The Weakness of Women

Daniel Defoe argues that it is in every man’s interest to watch the women in his life realise their full potential.

Length: 59 words

Greek History

To Make Greece a Nation

A headstrong Irish boy became part of the Greek resistance movement that won independence in 1832.

Length: 115 words