Mini Copy Book

Classical History

The Rewards of Treachery

Cicero warns those who seek power through civic unrest that they will never be the beneficiaries of it.

Length: 58 words

Modern History

The Obstinacy of Fowell Buxton

Fatherless teenage tearaway Fowell Buxton was not a promising boy, but the Gurney family changed all that.

Length: 59 words

The First World War

The Battle of Jutland

Preventing the German fleet from breaking out into the Atlantic in 1916 should have felt like victory, but it felt like defeat.

Length: 56 words

Lives of the Saints

The Spy

In 1910, Constantine Zervakos, a young monk from the Greek island of Paros, found himself charged with espionage.

Length: 119 words

Discovery and Invention

Heathcoat’s Bobbinet

John Heathcoat’s lace-making machine created thousands of jobs, and gave ordinary people clothes they could never have dreamt of.

Length: 49 words

Mediaeval History

Our Lady’s Mantle

Shortly after Askold and Dir founded Kiev in 862, they launched a brazen but ill-fated assault on the capital of the Roman Empire.

Length: 113 words