Mini Copy Book

Scandinavian History

Bergen’s Blessings

In the days of Henry II, relations with our cross-Channel neighbours were fractious, but we were fast friends with the people of Norway.

Length: 111 words

Free Trade and Markets

An Odious Monopoly

The privileges granted to European merchants in fifteenth-century London led to seething resentment in the City.

Length: 115 words

Russian History

Lord Great Novgorod

The city of Great Novgorod in Russia was a mediaeval pioneer of a decidedly rumbustious kind of parliamentary democracy.

Length: 112 words

The British Constitution

Mistress Liberty

Lord Halifax tacks gratefully into the Winds of Liberty, though he trims his sails to avoid being blown into republicanism.

Length: 113 words

The British Constitution

Dominion and Liberty

Following the Restoration of King Charles II, the country charted a well-planned course between the extremes of civil licence and Government control.

Length: 115 words

Greek Myths

Scylla and Charybdis

After safely negotiating the alluring Sirens, Odysseus and his crew must now decide which of Scylla and Charybdis would do the least damage.

Length: 110 words