Mini Copy Book

Greek and Roman Myths

The Tragedy of King Oedipus

Oedipus flees home in an attempt to escape a dreadful prophecy, unware that it is following at his heels.

Length: 113 words

Lives of the Saints

St Ahmed

A Turkish official was itching to know the secret behind a Russian slave girl’s personal charm.

Length: 112 words

Poets and Poetry


A heartfelt plea for humility at the height of Britain’s Empire.

Length: 69 words

Poets and Poetry

The Nightingale and the Glow Worm

A kind of Aesop’s Fable in verse, about mutual respect among those with different talents.

Length: 57 words

Stories in Short

King Solomon’s Mines

Allan Quartermain goes in search of a lost tourist and a legendary hoard of diamonds.

Length: 117 words

Biblical History

The Jerusalem Temple

The story of the once magnificent Temple in Jerusalem, the city God chose for Israel’s capital.

Length: 115 words