Mini Copy Book

Norman Era

The Better Man

Two monks vying for the abbot’s chair at one of England’s prestigious monasteries each promised King William Rufus handsome rewards for his favour.

Length: 118 words

Indian History

Pillars of Justice

A witness appeared before a Calcutta court, only to find that judge and learned counsel were determined to discredit her.

Length: 120 words

Indian History

A Shabby Suit

When he left Calcutta in February 1799 for a tour of Europe, Abu Taleb Khan scarcely expected to spend so much of his time in England trying to keep out of the courts.

Length: 118 words

Georgian Era

This Dreadful Innovation

Edmund Burke explained to the Duke of Bedford that in politics there is very great difference between change and reform.

Length: 118 words

Indian History

‘A City Greater than London’

In 1585, English merchant Ralph Fitch found himself at the heart of Mughal India, as a guest at the court of Emperor Akbar the Great.

Length: 116 words

Character and Conduct

Man of Steele

Sir Richard Steele reflects on the ingredients in his recipe for the perfect English gentleman.

Length: 113 words