Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians


Ethel Smyth puts on a show for a self-declared music enthusiast.

Length: 57 words

Extracts from Literature

Experience Does It

Wilkins Micawber had little to give David Copperfield at their parting, save two words of advice.

Length: 113 words

Discovery and Invention

A Bit of Luck for his Lordship

George Stephenson was only too pleased to save the former Prime Minister from himself.

Length: 57 words

Lives of the Saints

The Vision of St Fursey

Fursey was a 7th-century Irish monk whose visions of the afterlife made a great impression on St Bede.

Length: 111 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Free Trade, Free Peoples

Oldham’s firebrand MP William Cobbett rips into the the City of London for blocking economic and political progress in India.

Length: 56 words

Character and Conduct

All that Glisters is not Gold

Henry Mayhew, co-founder of ‘Punch’, tells two anecdotes about the Victorian cabbie.

Length: 59 words