Mini Copy Book

Greek and Roman Myths

The Doom of the Danaides

By day Danaus had to watch his fifty unhappy daughters marry their fifty cruel cousins, but the wedding night was yet to come.

Length: 116 words

The Hundred Years’ War

The Siege of Saint-James

Henry VI’s campaign to confirm himself as King of France looked to be in trouble after the Duke of Brittany switched sides.

Length: 117 words

Kings and Queens of England

George VI to Elizabeth II

The final part of this series is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II, the country’s longest-serving monarch and arguably the most popular in our history.

Length: 57 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Fuel of Freedom

Victorian economist Alfred Marshall argued that it was no accident that free societies and coal-powered industries are found together.

Length: 110 words

Myths and Legends

A Tail of Woe

Reynard the Fox was mortified to hear his efforts to rescue Isegrim’s wife from a frozen lake had been misinterpreted.

Length: 115 words

American Civil War

‘If They Can Stand It I Can’

However loud his critics shouted their disapproval, Abraham Lincoln would neither deprive them of free speech nor change his opinions.

Length: 59 words