Mini Copy Book

Sport and Sportsmen

The Brighteners of Cricket

A. A. Milne warns that marketing cricket to people who don’t like the game must not spoil it for those who do.

Length: 118 words

Lives of the Saints

St George, Patron Saint of England

George served in the Roman army and lies buried in Israel, yet he makes an ideal patron for England.

Length: 117 words

Bible Stories Retold

Deborah and Sisera

The Israelites turn to Deborah for help after twenty years under the harsh rule of King Jabin and his stern general Sisera.

Length: 119 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Battle of the Winwaed

In 655, the future of England as a Christian nation hung by the slenderest of threads.

Length: 109 words

Lives of the Saints

The Holy Table of St Sophia

According to legend, when the Venetians tried to kidnap it the Holy Table of St Sophia in Constantinople made a dramatic escape.

Length: 57 words

Japanese History

Yoritomo and the Doves of War

Japan’s first Shogun owed his life and his rise to power to a spider and two harmless doves.

Length: 114 words