Mini Copy Book

Lives of the Saints

The Investor of Nisibis

A woman advises her husband to entrust their modest savings to the bank of God.

Length: 116 words

Indian Myths

The King, the Monkey and the Pea

A warlike king sets out to bag another small kingdom for his realms, but a monkey gets him thinking.

Length: 60 words

Scandinavian History

Athelstan and the Prince of Norway

Soon after Athelstan became England’s first king, he played a trick on the King of Norway which demanded a reply.

Length: 115 words

Character and Conduct

Dare to Be Yourself

Samuel Smiles warns us against pursuing popularity for its own sake, saying that it is a kind of cowardice.

Length: 53 words

Liberty and Prosperity

A Tale Worth All His Fortune

William Cobbett recalls his first taste of classic literature, for which he had to go without his supper.

Length: 120 words

Abolition of Slavery

Wilberforce Contra Mundum

John Wesley wrote to a young William Wilberforce to encourage him in his campaign against the slave trade.

Length: 59 words