Mini Copy Book

Extracts from Literature

The Duel

Sir Mulberry Hawk’s coarse conduct towards Kate Nickleby has awoken a spark of decency in Lord Frederick Verisopht.

Length: 108 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Heracles and the Augean Stables

Heracles shows his capacity for thinking outside the box, but spoils it by trying to be just a little bit too clever.

Length: 60 words

Mediaeval History

Merchants of Muscovy

In 1553, Richard Chancellor set out on a perilous voyage to Russia in order to bypass the Hanseatic League’s customs union.

Length: 111 words

Lives of the Saints

Not a Scratch!

Hapless extremists try to wipe out a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

Length: 51 words

Indian History

Wellington’s Secret

The future hero of Waterloo dealt with political ambush as comfortably as he dealt with the military kind.

Length: 60 words

Character and Conduct

A True Gentleman of Verona

A young man from the Italian city on the Adige River demonstrates that class has nothing to do with wealth.

Length: 60 words