Mini Copy Book

Cat Stories

The Friendship of Cats

A cat’s affection is not easy to win, but the rewards make the effort worthwhile.

Length: 107 words

Extracts from Literature

A Tempting Offer

True moral integrity comes from within.

Length: 56 words

Tudor Era

The Nine-Day Queen

Lady Jane Grey’s accession was almost instantly overturned.

Length: 52 words

Abolition of Slavery

The Bombardment of Algiers

For two centuries, human traffickers had stolen English men, women and children for the slave-markets of the Arab world.

Length: 55 words

Poets and Poetry

A Farewell

A last goodbye breathes promise of a merry meeting.

Length: 48 words

Poets and Poetry

The Rainbow

God’s covenant of love is a fresh joy every time it appears.

Length: 58 words