Mini Copy Book

Character and Conduct

The Great Brassey Keeps his Word

Once railway engineer Thomas Brassey made a promise he kept it — even if he wasn’t aware that he’d made one.

Length: 115 words

Free Speech and Conscience

Who Can Refute a Sneer?

Clever people have realised that it is easier to get people on your side by mockery than by persuasion.

Length: 56 words

Extracts from Literature

Mind Over Matter

John of Gaunt tries to persuade his son Henry that banishment from England isn’t such a bad thing, if you think about in the right way.

Length: 117 words

Extracts from Fiction

Silas Marner Misses his Gold

Silas Marner, the weaver, plans to take a comforting look at his savings while he eats his dinner.

Length: 114 words

Extracts from Poetry

Milton! Thou Shouldst be Living at this Hour

William Wordsworth comes back from France and realises with a shock what his own country has become.

Length: 57 words

Extracts from Fiction

Money to Burn

Pip receives a visitor from among the criminal classes, but his condescending attempt to play the gentleman rebounds spectacularly.

Length: 114 words