Mini Copy Book

The First World War

Precision and Dispatch

The first setbacks for the German Empire in the Great War came courtesy of ANZAC troops.

Length: 114 words

Greek History

Manto Mavrogenous

In 1822, a rich and beautiful young woman took the cause of Greek independence into her capable hands.

Length: 109 words

Greek History

An Appeal to the Ladies of England

Manto Mavrogenous hoped that her fellow women might show more solidarity with Greece than many men had done.

Length: 56 words

Lives of the Saints

On Holy Ground

A traveller went into a Shropshire pub looking for information about a patch of grass with peculiar properties.

Length: 59 words

Stories in Short

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

An Arthurian knight commits a dreadful crime against a woman, and is sent by Queen Guinevere on a fitting errand.

Length: 118 words

Greek Myths

The Six Labours of Theseus

Young Theseus sets out for Athens on foot to claim his kingdom, but the road is infested with giants, bandits and a savage sow.

Length: 347 words