Mini Copy Book

Cat Stories

Pangur Bán

A 9th century Irish monk scribbled some verses about a beloved cat into his copy book.

Length: 119 words

Sport and Sportsmen

Rugby League

The less glamorous code of Rugby football, but the best for sheer speed and strength.

Length: 54 words

Sport and Sportsmen

Rebel Rugby

The Nazi-collaborating Vichy government in France paid Rugby League the supreme compliment: they banned it.

Length: 59 words

Indian History

Hyder Ali and Tipu

The British encountered no stouter resistance in India than Mysore’s gifted commmander Hyder Ali and his son, Tipu.

Length: 117 words

Extracts from Literature

Redeeming Time

Pip Pirrip never misses a moment of visiting time with Abel Magwitch, the convict who made him into a gentleman, in the prison hospital.

Length: 118 words


The Six Leaps of Faith

The eighth-century English bishop and poet Cynewulf explores a prophecy from the Song of Solomon.

Length: 52 words