Mini Copy Book

Discovery and Invention

The Story of ‘Charlotte Dundas’

The invention of the steamboat was a formidable challenge not just of engineering, but of politics and finance.

Length: 105 words

Discovery and Invention

The Railway Clearing House

All but forgotten today, the RCH was one of the most important steps forward in British industrial history.

Length: 57 words

Bible Stories Retold

The Judgment of Solomon

The tenth-century King of Israel demonstrated his legendary wisdom in a delicate custody battle.

Length: 58 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Character Witness

A former convict told Henry Morley about his debt to Thomas Wright, the prisoner’s friend.

Length: 55 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Prisoner’s Friend

Thomas Wright never earned more than a foreman’s wage, but he helped hundreds of prisoners back into society.

Length: 58 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Great Baby

Charles Dickens rails at the way Parliament and do-gooders treat the public like an irresponsible child.

Length: 54 words