Mini Copy Book

Scottish History

Two Lions

Walter Raleigh had many grievances against James VI and I, but for peace with Scotland he was willing to forget them all.

Length: 109 words

French Revolutionary Wars (1793-1802)

The Battle of the Nile

As Napoleon Bonaparte swept from victory to victory in Europe, he began to think he might add the East to the possessions of the French Republic.

Length: 116 words

Stuart Era

The Arrest of the Five Members

King Charles I ended two years of uneasy peace with his Parliament by bursting into the Commons with a heavily-armed tactical unit.

Length: 111 words

Indian History

Robert Clive’s Vision for India

As Governor of Bengal, Robert Clive hoped to use his powers and his formidable reputation to make the East India Company mend its ways.

Length: 118 words

Indian History

Blind Date

After two punishing years rising to the top of the East India Company’s armed forces in India, Robert Clive could not spare the time to go courting.

Length: 111 words


The Dog in the Manger

A mean-spirited dog denies to others what he has no appetite for himself.

Length: 60 words