Mini Copy Book

International Relations

An Exceptional Nation

William Gladstone explains that a truly ‘exceptional nation’ respects the equality and rights of all nations.

Length: 51 words

International Relations

The Din of Diplomacy

William Gladstone warns voters not to leave foreign policy in the hands of interventionist politicians.

Length: 58 words

Discovery and Invention

A Leader by Example

George Stephenson won the admiration of French navvies by showing them how a Geordie works a shovel.

Length: 59 words

Extracts from Literature

The Language of Balnibarbi

Lemuel Gulliver finds that the people of Balnibarbi just don’t appreciate their hardworking academics.

Length: 56 words

Lives of the Saints

The Restoration of the Icons

By the early eighth century, sacred art was thriving in newly-Christian England, but in the East seeds of doubt and confusion had been sown.

Length: 108 words

Mediaeval History

Fair Rosamund

Charles Dickens tells the story of King Henry II and the enchantingly beautiful Rosamund Clifford.

Length: 111 words