Mini Copy Book

Poets and Poetry

Surprised by Heaven

We turn to books seeking an author’s sympathy and fellowship, but William Cowper’s verse is unusual: he turns to us for ours.

Length: 114 words

Poets and Poetry

The Gods of the Copybook Headings

After the devastation of the Great War, calls rose for a new economic and social system, and to put the wisdom of our forebears behind us.

Length: 172 words

Tales from the Old Testament

The Sacrifice of Isaac

Abraham invites his son Isaac to accompany him to a nearby mountain to offer sacrifice, and the boy is naturally curious to know what gift his father proposes to offer.

Length: 175 words

Stuart Era

The (Secret) Treaty of Dover

Months after promising England would help Holland escape the clutches of Catholic Europe, Charles II did a secret deal with France to sell out Holland and England together.

Length: 118 words

Indian History

The Making of Tommy Atkins

In all his years of soldiering at home and abroad, Major-General George Younghusband had never heard British soldiers talk like those in Kipling’s tales.

Length: 119 words

Lives of the Saints

Dmitri of the Don

Grand Duke Dmitri of Moscow loosened the grip of the Tartar Horde on the people of Russia, but treachery robbed him of triumph.

Length: 116 words