Mini Copy Book

Norman Era

The Matildas of England

For a hundred years after William the Conqueror came to England, four strong women named Matilda shaped the nation’s history.

Length: 58 words

Poets and Poetry

Autumn: A Dirge

Poet Percy Shelley calls on November’s sister months to watch by the graveside of the dead Year.

Length: 48 words

Poets and Poetry

The Empire Within

Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley says that the pinnacle of political achievement is the government not of others, but of ourselves.

Length: 53 words

Poets and Poetry

To Autumn

Poet John Keats speaks of the beauties of Autumn, her colours, her sounds and her rich harvest.

Length: 57 words

Character and Conduct

‘Thy Necessity is Yet Greater than Mine’

Elizabethan courtier and soldier Sir Philip Sidney shows that a nobleman can also be a gentleman.

Length: 49 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Bishop and the Chatterbox

One week into a Lenten retreat with the Bishop of Hexham, a boy’s miserable life is turned right around.

Length: 60 words