Mini Copy Book

Liberty and Prosperity

The Great Chessboard

If Britain is a chessboard, then politicians should remember that the ‘pieces’ are alive, and they generally play a better game.

Length: 113 words

Music and Musicians

Muzio Clementi

From performance and composition to instrument-making, Clementi left his mark on British and European classical music.

Length: 57 words

Lives of the Saints

Wulfstan and the Seal of Approval

William the Conqueror’s purge of the English Church was halted by a humble bishop and a dead king.

Length: 55 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Heracles and the Cerynaean Hind

Eurystheus sends his cousin on another labour, this time hoping the task is too delicate for the big man.

Length: 50 words

Greek and Roman Myths

The Sword of Damocles

A reminder that those with extreme wealth and power have everything but the peace to enjoy it.

Length: 59 words

The Second World War

The Evacuation of Dunkirk

The fate of the British army hung by a thread in May 1940, but ships large and small, military and civilian, came to the rescue.

Length: 55 words