Mini Copy Book

Each post in this section is a short précis (summary) of a passage in The Copy Book. All of them are in modern English. They are intended for students of English as a Foreign Language at Elementary Level.

Indian History

‘A City Greater than London’

In 1585, English merchant Ralph Fitch found himself at the heart of Mughal India, as a guest at the court of Emperor Akbar the Great.

Length: 116 words

Character and Conduct

Man of Steele

Sir Richard Steele reflects on the ingredients in his recipe for the perfect English gentleman.

Length: 113 words


The Kite and the Pigeons

Some panicky Pigeons agree to let the Kite rule their dovecote, so long as he promises not to take advantage of his position.

Length: 60 words

Scandinavian History

Miracles of St Olaf

Snorro Sturluson records some of the miracles attributed to Olaf II, King of Norway, after Englishman Bishop Grimkell declared him a saint.

Length: 117 words

Bible Stories Retold

The Battle of Jericho

The Israelites crossed over into the Land of Promise, only to find their progress barred by the well-fortified city of Jericho.

Length: 117 words

Character and Conduct

Bad Day at Waterloo

Frederick Ponsonby’s involvement in the Battle of Waterloo began early, and it seemed to him that it went on for ever.

Length: 114 words