Mini Copy Book

British Myths and Legends

Brutus of Britain

Back in the days of the prophet Samuel, so the story goes, a grandson of Trojan hero Aeneas brought civilisation to the British Isles.

Length: 119 words

Cat Stories

When the Cat’s Away...

A Victorian artist and avid bird-watcher banished cats from his country cottage, but soon wished he hadn’t.

Length: 176 words

The British Constitution

A Dereliction of Duty

Edmund Burke tore into the directors of the East India Company, accusing them of doing less for the country than India’s mediaeval conquerors.

Length: 115 words

Indian History

The Moth Versus the Fire

After its prime minister signed the Maratha Confederacy over to the East India Company, the member states rose up in a body.

Length: 118 words

Indian History

Justice and Equity

After the East India Company quieted the Maratha Confederacy in 1805, Harsukh Rai looked forward to a new era of good government.

Length: 110 words

Canadian History

My Long Walk to Beaver Dams

A ‘slight and delicate’ Canadian woman defied twenty miles of rugged terrain in sweltering heat to warn of an impending attack by American invaders.

Length: 115 words