Mini Copy Book

Discovery and Invention

The Richmond Shilling

For centuries our coal industry was plagued by regulations and taxes, but a tax imposed in 1667 seemed to have nothing to do with coal at all.

Length: 114 words

Extracts from Literature

‘Have a Care What You Do’

Lord George Gordon marched at the head of 50,000 protestors to the House of Commons, to demand that George III’s England did not become like Louis XVI’s France.

Length: 118 words

Stuart Era

Christmas Under Cromwell

In 1657, Sir John Evelyn celebrated Christmas in a church for the first time in years. Unfortunately, someone told the authorities what he was doing.

Length: 112 words

Tudor Era

The Little Flower Boy

Mary I’s fear for her throne had risen to such a pitch that her Chamberlain felt threatened by a three-year-old child.

Length: 118 words

Animal Stories

Two Sly Foxes

Sir Nicholas L’Estrange recalls two astonishing eyewitness accounts of the resourcefulness the fox.

Length: 117 words


Translated from the Lattin

When William Shakespeare agreed to be godfather to Ben Jonson’s baby boy, he forgot that he would have to think of a gift for his christening.

Length: 60 words