Mini Copy Book

Indian History

The Desolation of Delhi

In 1327, Mohammad bin Tughluq gave every man, woman and child in Delhi just three days’ notice to quit.

Length: 114 words

Discovery and Invention

Sunspots and Wheat Prices

William Herschel showed that variations in the brightness of the sun were causing climate change, but hardly anyone believed him.

Length: 112 words

Tudor Era

Jane Seymour

It was a bitter moment for Anne Boleyn when she saw that what she herself had done to poor Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour was about to do to her.

Length: 116 words

Character and Conduct

Counsel’s Duty to his Client

When King George IV tried to divorce Queen Caroline with maximum embarrassment, her barrister warned that two could play at that game.

Length: 117 words

Liberty and Prosperity


Facing defeat at the General Election of 1812, Henry Brougham stood before the voters of Liverpool and made a spirited defence of liberty’s record.

Length: 111 words

History of China

Banner of Liberty

In 1840, Secretary at War Thomas Macaulay treated the Union Jack like a bully’s visiting card, but backbencher William Gladstone believed it deserved better.

Length: 114 words