Mini Copy Book

Mediaeval History

At the Baron’s Board

However grim and severe the thirteenth century baron might be in his public duties, at dinner-time it was all wine, laughter and song.

Length: 116 words

The British Constitution

Keeping the Colonies

Peoples of another culture or region will not long tolerate a Government that uses guns and soldiers to secure their obedience.

Length: 60 words

Irish History

The Politics of Language

John Lynch, exiled to France by Cromwell’s men, lamented the way the Irish was being labelled as a language of sedition.

Length: 120 words

Irish History

Beyond the Pale

Lionel of Clarence, Edward III’s younger son, went to Ireland as his Lieutenant in order to stop English expats becoming like the Irish.

Length: 118 words

A. G. Gardiner

Little Rays of Sunshine

‘Alpha of the Plough’ wished that he had been born with the gift of a winning smile.

Length: 109 words

William Cobbett

Mrs Lock’s Radical Ride

William Cobbett was delighted with one young woman’s protest against Mr Pitt’s ingenious ways of raising money.

Length: 59 words