Mini Copy Book

Lives of the Saints

St George and the Dragon

In one of the world’s most popular legends, bold hero St George rides to the rescue of a maiden in distress.

Length: 116 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Bread and Scorpions

In 1846, Daniel O’Connell stood up in the House of Commons to draw attention to the Great Hunger in Ireland, and to plead for a swift response.

Length: 105 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Battle of Vienna

With Christian Europe tearing itself apart over the Protestant Reformation, the Ottoman Turks saw an opportunity for Europe-wide domination.

Length: 119 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Unbroken Amity

The Foreign Office had a long tradition of regarding a strong Russian Empire as ‘not in the British interest,’ but John Bright saw only mutual benefit in it.

Length: 116 words

Liberty and Prosperity

A Dream of Independence

In 1877, John Bright told a meeting of the Manchester India Association that he had wanted to put India on the path to independence nearly twenty years before.

Length: 109 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Repeal of the Corn Laws

Richard Cobden realised that John Bright, overcome with grief after seeing his young wife die, needed something worthwhile to live for.

Length: 117 words