Mini Copy Book

Indian History

The Quiet Kingdom

James Tod brought order to Udaipur after years of turmoil, but not everyone appreciated him.

Length: 111 words

Indian History

The Raja and the Ox-Cart

Vijay Singh, Raja of Jodhpur, was left to fend for himself after his army deserted him.

Length: 115 words

Modern History

The War of the Austrian Succession

Prussia’s invasion of Silesia in 1740 plunged Europe into turmoil, and a French invasion of England became a very real threat.

Length: 118 words

Poets and Poetry

Winter Wisdom

William Cowper feels he has learnt more on one short walk than in many hours of study.

Length: 113 words

Myths and Legends

A Fatal Slip

Prince Agib hears the tale of a boy confined to an underground chamber for forty days, and dismisses it as superstition.

Length: 114 words

Russian History

Samuel Greig

Scotsman Samuel Greig so impressed his superiors at the Admiralty in London that he was sent as an adviser to the Russian Imperial Navy.

Length: 113 words