Mini Copy Book

Tudor Era

Henry Goes a-Maying

King Henry VIII was riding out with Queen Catherine one May Day, when they found themselves waylaid by Robin Hood and two hundred archers.

Length: 111 words

Extracts from Literature

‘I Shall Keep This for Aunt Jane’

James Edward Austen-Leigh tells us what it was that made his aunt, the celebrated novelist Jane Austen, so remarkable.

Length: 114 words

Character and Conduct

Jibe and Joke

Sir Richard Steele takes up arms against the kind of wit who thinks you can be as nasty as you like provided you make people laugh.

Length: 115 words

Mediaeval History

Dunstan’s Deliverance

In 978, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dunstan, was being battered in a stormy meeting when he — along with England’s rich monastic heritage — had a miraculous escape.

Length: 59 words

Mediaeval History

The Martyrdom of King Edward

After the death of King Edgar, powerful court factions struggled for power by hiding behind his two sons, twelve-year-old Edward and his younger step-brother Ethelred.

Length: 114 words

Lives of the Saints

Cuthbert’s Christmas

One Christmas Eve back in the twelfth century, a monk keeping midnight vigil in Lindisfarne priory watched spellbound as two great doors opened all by themselves.

Length: 119 words