Mini Copy Book

History of China

The First Opium War

In 1840, the British Government declared war on the Chinese Empire over their harsh treatment of drug smugglers from Bengal.

Length: 112 words

Poets and Poetry

The Time of Age

Seventeenth-century poet and statesman Edmund Waller reflects on the benefits of advancing years.

Length: 0 words

Character and Conduct

Vice and Virtue

Vice is a fact of life, wrote Pope, and God can even bring good out of it; but vice is never a virtue and in tackling vice together we make our society stronger.

Length: 115 words

Tales from the New Testament

The Woman Taken in Adultery

The Pharisees conspire to put Jesus in a seemingly impossible situation, by inviting him to take sides in the bitter politics of Jew and Roman.

Length: 120 words

Character and Conduct

An Extraordinary Man

Artist Benjamin Robert Haydon laments the passing of Lord Egremont, whose generosity and good judgment reached far beyond his support for struggling artists.

Length: 54 words

Aesop of Samos

The Wolf and the Lamb

A Wolf finds a series of reasons for making a meal of a little Lamb, but it turns out he did not really need them.

Length: 57 words