Mini Copy Book


Dmitry the Pretender

Boris Godunov was crowned Tsar of All Russia in 1598 in the belief that Tsar Ivan’s son Dmitry was dead — but was he?

Length: 168 words

Canadian History

Pontiac’s War

Following the disastrous Seven Years’ War, France agreed to quit Canada and leave it to the British, which was not at all what the local tribesmen wanted.

Length: 114 words

Canadian History

Hudson Bay

Canada’s Hudson Bay has been a cause of war and an engine of prosperity, but long before that it was the scene of cold treachery.

Length: 118 words

Extracts from Fiction

The Abduction of Tarzan

John Clayton, a British colonial official lost in the African jungle, is caught unawares by Kerchak, the gorilla.

Length: 58 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Boldness of Junius Mauricus

Pliny admired Julius Mauricus because he spoke his mind, and Emperor Nerva because he let him.

Length: 119 words

Classical History

A Ransom of Iron

When Brennus the Gaul broke through the gates of Rome, Marcus Furius Camillus was far away in exile.

Length: 117 words