Mini Copy Book

Animal Stories

Messing About in Boats

Mole is enjoying the most wonderful Spring morning, skipping his chores and going for a row with Rat.

Length: 115 words

Tudor Era

A Sight of Two Seas

In 1573, Sir Francis Drake had two ambitions: to revenge himself on the Spanish, and to see with his own eyes the Pacific Ocean.

Length: 117 words

Stuart Era

Everyone Has His Part

William Dampier describes the hand-to-mouth existence of the aborigines of northwest Australia, and reveals a people far advanced in charity.

Length: 110 words

Lucy Cazalet

The Great Stand at the River Ugra

Ivan III, Grand Prince of Moscow, finally stood up to the Great Horde and their opportunistic Western allies.

Length: 56 words

Magna Carta

Selections from the Great Charter

By the Great Charter of 1215, King John promised that his ministers would not meddle in the Church or stuff his Treasury with taxes on trade.

Length: 117 words

The British Constitution

Wait and See

Edmund Burke urged Englishmen not to congratulate the French revolutionaries on their new-found liberty until they knew what they would do with it.

Length: 116 words