Mini Copy Book

Classical History

An Execrable Crime

Marcus Furius Camillus knew he must make the Falisci submit to Rome, but the method one man proposed was more than he could stomach.

Length: 119 words

Poets and Poetry

O, You Hard Hearts!

Marullus was disgusted at the way that the fickle people of Rome turned so easily from one hero to another.

Length: 57 words


The Lion’s Share

Following a succesful hunting partnership, the Lion explains how the spoils are to be divided.

Length: 57 words

The British Constitution

A Coy and Humorous Dame

The English ‘Cato’ cautioned that sabre-rattling sanctions and other forms of coercion are never in the country’s economic interest.

Length: 119 words

Classical History

The Tragedy of Coriolanus

Roman statesman Gnaeus Marcius Coriolanus was thrust out the City for his hardline politics, but he did not stay away for long.

Length: 114 words

Mediaeval History

The Harrying of the North

Charles Dickens laments William the Conqueror’s brutal rampage through rebellious Durham and Yorkshire.

Length: 111 words