Mini Copy Book

John Wesley

Body and Soul

John Wesley urged the medical profession (and his fellow clergy) to remember that drugs are not the answer to every sickness.

Length: 59 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Trial of the Tolpuddle Six

When farmhand and lay preacher George Loveless was convicted of conspiracy, both charge and sentence made the country gasp.

Length: 117 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Twelve Good Men and Tory

In 1844, Daniel O’Connell was hauled before a Dublin court to answer charges of seditious conspiracy, and he didn’t stand a chance.

Length: 113 words

Poets and Poetry

The Dog and the Water Lilies

William Cowper told Lady Hesketh about a walk beside the river at Olney, and the affecting behaviour of his spaniel Beau.

Length: 118 words

Georgian Era

Desperate Measures

Sir Philip Francis told the House of Commons that it must not let ministers manufacture crises as an excuse for grabbing more power.

Length: 114 words

Stuart Era

The Character of Charles II

Scottish scholar and clergyman Gilbert Burnet sets before us a picture of a King who was something of a Solomon in his virtues and his vices.

Length: 118 words