Mini Copy Book

Mediaeval History

Stale and Hearty

Archdeacon and diplomat Peter of Blois was a frequent guest at the laden tables of King Henry II, but he had little appetite for the fare on offer.

Length: 57 words

Norman Era

The Voyage of Sigurd

Back in the eleventh century English refugees founded New York, but it wasn’t in North America.

Length: 117 words

Norman Era

Home from Home

In Constantinople, capital of the Roman Empire, a man from Kent founded a glittering church for English refugees.

Length: 115 words

Norman Era

England’s Lost Civilisation

Orderic Vitalis regrets the passing of a society far more refined and advanced than that which supplanted it.

Length: 115 words

Norman Era

Forgotten Melodies

When the Normans came in 1066 they deliberately destroyed English chant, the last survivor in Western Europe of a tradition five centuries old.

Length: 53 words

Stuart Era

Sweet Counsel

Advice is a dangerous gift, and for centuries our greatest writers have wondered how to dispense it safely.

Length: 110 words