Mini Copy Book

Bible Stories Retold

The History of Susannah

A young Jewish woman in ancient Babylon falls victim to a heartless conspiracy.

Length: 102 words

American Revolutionary War

The Battle of Flamborough Head

When captain Richard Pearson of the Royal Navy surrendered to American revolutionary John Paul Jones, Jones naturally assumed that meant he had won.

Length: 59 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Life’s Infantry

However obscure a man may apparently be, his example to others inevitably shapes the future of his country.

Length: 60 words

Extracts from Literature

Persian Treasures

‘Be careful what you wish for’, they say, and there could be no more endearing example.

Length: 106 words

Discovery and Invention

Alan Blumlein

Railway enthusiast, music lover, and the man who gave us stereo sound.

Length: 106 words

Cat Stories

Tom and Terrier

A fox terrier spies what looks like a hapless victim – until he gets up close.

Length: 99 words