Mini Copy Book

William Thomas Stead

Playing with Fire

William Stead warned his fellow-journalists to take care that their bellicose rhetoric did not end in a real war with Russia.

Length: 116 words

Aulus Cornelius Gellius

Androcles and the Lion

Gaius Caesar is disappointed with the quality of the entertainment on offer in Rome’s Circus Maximus.

Length: 116 words

William Thomas Stead

The Man who Made the Headlines

William Stead conceived modern print journalism in the belief that newspapers could change the world.

Length: 115 words

Extracts from Literature

Criminal Justice

A man unjustly condemned to transportation finds that thieves thieve, but sometimes decency shines through too.

Length: 116 words

The Second World War

The Miracle of El Alamein

Under a moonlit sky in October 1942, Allied and Axis forces met in battle on the sands of the Egyptian desert.

Length: 126 words

Stories in Short

The Tale of Rip van Winkle

A hen-pecked, ne’er-do-well farmer from New York took off into the Catskill Mountains, and fell in with some very odd company.

Length: 117 words