Mini Copy Book

Dog Stories

Two Day Rovers

Jane Loudon introduces us to two dogs getting on with their busy lives.

Length: 58 words

Cat Stories

A Cut above the Rest

With the aid of a slice of beef, a Perth puss takes feline scheming to a new level.

Length: 60 words

Modern History

A Woman’s Logic

Emmeline Pankhurst recalls how she brought some much-needed reason into the operations at Chorlton workhouse.

Length: 60 words

Extracts from Literature

All Things ‘Nice’

Henry Tilney teases a bewildered Catherine Morland for her lazy vocabulary.

Length: 100 words

International Relations

The Supreme Indignity

Lord Salisbury tells his fellow statesmen that no country should have its laws dictated from abroad.

Length: 53 words

British National Character

The Liberty-Lovers

American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson praises the English public for still loving freedom, despite their politicians.

Length: 56 words