Mini Copy Book

International Relations

A Passion for Meddling

Richard Cobden questioned both the wisdom and the motives of politicians who intervene on foreign soil.

Length: 114 words


Left Holding the Baby

A gentleman travelling home from London by train reached his destination carrying more than he set out with.

Length: 112 words

Richard Cobden

An Aristocracy of Mere Wealth

Richard Cobden was not a little envious of the USA’s open and can-do society, but he did not covet her republicanism.

Length: 54 words

Indian Myths

The Raven and the Snake

A harassed mother Raven vows bloody revenge on a venomous Snake, but the wily old Jackal has a better idea.

Length: 117 words

Indian Myths

The Heron and the Crab

An ageing Heron finds himself a little too stiff to fish for himself, so he thinks of a way to get the fish to do it for him.

Length: 119 words


Economic Illiteracy

If Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli really wanted a better-educated public, he must tackle the high cost of living.

Length: 58 words