Mini Copy Book

Each post in this section is a short précis (summary) of a passage in The Copy Book. All of them are in modern English. They are intended for students of English as a Foreign Language at Elementary Level.

Liberty and Prosperity

How Liberating the Slaves also Clothed the Poor

The closure of slave plantations following the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833 had a curious side-effect.

Length: 56 words

The Second World War

The Battle of Britain

Britain’s desperate defence against a much larger, better-prepared military machine was a costly victory.

Length: 58 words

The Second World War

Wilfrid Israel

Wilfrid Israel used his Berlin department store as cover for smuggling thousands of Jewish children to safety in Britain.

Length: 59 words

British Myths and Legends

The Legend of Pollard’s Lands

An enterprising knight rids the Bishop of Durham of a troublesome boar, but the price comes as a shock to his lordship.

Length: 115 words

Character and Conduct

Music at Midnight

To do one’s duty is to peep into the mystery of life, and taste reward from another world.

Length: 50 words

Tudor Era

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter’s dizzy life brought him fame and fortune in dangerous places, the most dangerous of which was Court.

Length: 58 words