Mini Copy Book

Greek and Roman Myths

Heracles and the Birds of Lake Stymphalia

Our hero is sent to deal with some man-eating birds, but cannot reach their lakeside refuge.

Length: 61 words

Lives of the Saints

St Nicholas and the Empty Granary

The saintly Bishop helped the captain of a merchant ship to cut through the red tape, and save his town from starvation.

Length: 58 words

Lives of the Saints

Cuthbert and the Phantom Fire

The Northumbrian saint warned of an enemy who would stop at nothing to silence the good news.

Length: 60 words

Extracts from Literature


Jim Hawkins, on a remote desert island, has escaped pirates only to be caught by a shadowy figure among the trees.

Length: 57 words

Discovery and Invention

India’s First Railway

The opening of the Bombay to Thane line was the real beginning of British India.

Length: 53 words

Indian History

Britain’s Best Gift to India

Samuel Smiles reminds us that until we brought the railways to India, we had little to boast about as an imperial power.

Length: 53 words