Mini Copy Book

Discovery and Invention

Cragside: the Home of Modern Living

Lord Armstrong’s home was an Aladdin’s cave of Victorian technology.

Length: 48 words

Bible Stories Retold

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are set in a Garden of carefree delight, but the Snake swears they are victims of a cruel deception.

Length: 111 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

Alfred Learns To Read

Even as a child, King Alfred couldn’t resist a challenge.

Length: 44 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

King Edwin and the Hand of Destiny

Forced from his throne and threatened with murder, Edwin makes a curious bargain for his deliverance.

Length: 113 words

Lives of the Saints

Caedmon Learns to Sing

A shy and unmusical stable-hand suddenly began to sing wise and moving hymns.

Length: 120 words

Norman Era

The Tichborne Dole

The strange-but-true story of a Lady Day tradition.

Length: 42 words