Mini Copy Book

Stuart Era

Time Itself Will Ruin Us

Sir John Eliot told the Commons that what worried him wasn’t the sabre-rattling of foreign leaders, it was incompetence and corruption at home.

Length: 58 words

William Shakespeare

If England to Itself Do Rest but True

With King John dead and the threat of invasion fading, Philip Faulconbridge reflects that the danger within is always greater than the danger without.

Length: 57 words


The Facts Factory

Mr Gradgrind and a Government expert on education make sure that the children of Coketown have the right opinions about everything.

Length: 175 words

Aesop of Samos

The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse

A sophisticated City Mouse went to see his Country cousin, and pitied his simple fare.

Length: 119 words

Extracts from Literature

The Grammar of Jays and Cats

In Jim Baker’s considered opinion, the bluejay had a much better command of language than Mark Twain’s cats did.

Length: 117 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Making of England

In 917, King Edward embarked on a swashbuckling tour of the midlands, and brought their towns under one crown for the first time in five hundred years.

Length: 109 words