Mini Copy Book

William Shakespeare

I’ll Tell You Who Time Gallops Withal

Rosalind explains to Orlando that Time moves at different paces depending on who you are.

Length: 115 words

Stuart Era

The Doctor Will Fleece You Now

Richard Steele goes to Bath for his health, and is cured of more ailments than he had ever had in his life.

Length: 57 words

Stuart Era

Much Cry but Little Wool

Joseph Addison complains that the famous Cries of London are a lot of fuss about nothing.

Length: 109 words

The British Constitution

The Best and Worst of Britain

A Portuguese merchant assesses Great Britain’s market under the Hanoverians.

Length: 104 words

Stuart Era

A Country Squire in London

Lord Macaulay describes the toils of a typical country gentleman visiting London in the time of Charles II.

Length: 118 words

Japanese History

Will Adams

An Elizabethan mariner reaches Japan under terrible hardships, only to find himself under sentence of death at the hands of his fellow Europeans.

Length: 117 words