Mini Copy Book

Modern History

The Voyage of the ‘Mayflower’

A crackdown on dissent in England’s established Church drove a band of Nottinghamshire townspeople to seek new shores.

Length: 111 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Empire of Enterprise

Adam Smith credited the British Empire’s success not to the policy of her Government, but to the character of her people.

Length: 99 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Folly and Freedom

Britain’s colonies were founded to supply her Government with gold, but instead they supplied her people with liberty.

Length: 52 words

Georgian Era

Portrait of a Lady

Edmund Burke takes time off from campaigning for liberty to reflect on the delights of captivity.

Length: 53 words

Extracts from Literature

At a Solemn Musick

John Milton shows his appreciation for noble words and music in uplifting harmony.

Length: 58 words

Modern History

The Power of Balance

George Canning warned the Commons to be very careful about their plans for reform.

Length: 47 words