Mini Copy Book

Each post in this section is a short précis (summary) of a passage in The Copy Book. All of them are in modern English. They are intended for students of English as a Foreign Language at Elementary Level.

Indian History

The Great Bengal Famine

The Governor of Bengal accused the East India Company of turning a crisis into a humanitarian catastrophe.

Length: 107 words

Character and Conduct

The Englishman

George Santayana had the chance to observe our national character at the height of Empire.

Length: 57 words

Indian History

William Hall VC

Canadian sailor William Hall was summoned over to India to help face down the Indian Mutiny.

Length: 116 words

Indian History

The Siege of Lucknow

During the Indian Mutiny, over a thousand men, women and children were trapped in the Commissioner’s residence at Lucknow.

Length: 116 words

Stuart Era

The Nine Years’ War

King Louis XIV of France raised rebellion in Ireland to put his own man on the English throne.

Length: 115 words

Extracts from Literature

Taken for a Ride

Richard Hannay sees for himself how political activists trick decent people into supporting their quest for power.

Length: 58 words