Mini Copy Book

Publius Virgilius Maro

‘Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts’

After spending years besieging the city of Troy, the Greek armies suddenly decamp, leaving behind only an enormous wooden sculpture of a horse.

Length: 115 words

French History

The Horse and his Rider

Victor Hugo berates the general public for crediting everything they do themselves to their supposedly wonderful Government.

Length: 56 words

Science and Scientists

Unfolding the Universe

Sir Isaac Newton told William Stukeley about the day when an apple fell from a tree and set him thinking about the solar system.

Length: 117 words

Animal Stories


When a new mother found herself and her kittens on the wrong side of a nasty-looking stream, Twink was there to help.

Length: 60 words

Science and Scientists

The Character of Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac’s secretary has left us an engaging portrait of a kindly genius, the absent-minded professor of our fancy.

Length: 118 words

Discovery and Invention


When Archimedes discovered the principle of displacement, he was hot on the trail of a clever fraud.

Length: 113 words