Mini Copy Book

Liberty and Prosperity

Huskisson’s Legacy

Samuel Sidney, a Victorian expert on Australian matters, explained how cutting tax and regulation on Britain’s global trade made everyone better off.

Length: 52 words

Character and Conduct

Bear and Forbear

A sympathetic understanding of the trials of other people is essential for getting along.

Length: 59 words

History of Australia

The Founding of Australia

Within little more than half a century a British penal colony turned into a prosperous, free-trade democracy.

Length: 53 words

Lives of the Saints

St Helen Finds the True Cross

The mother of the Roman Emperor goes to Jerusalem on a quest close to her heart.

Length: 116 words

Liberty and Prosperity

How Liberating the Slaves also Clothed the Poor

The closure of slave plantations following the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833 had a curious side-effect.

Length: 56 words

The Second World War

The Battle of Britain

Britain’s desperate defence against a much larger, better-prepared military machine was a costly victory.

Length: 58 words