Mini Copy Book

Tudor Era

A Step Up for Captain Raleigh

When young Walter Raleigh first came to the court of Queen Elizabeth I he had little more than his wardrobe in his favour, and he wore it wisely.

Length: 59 words

Liberty and Prosperity

No Platform

Fiery young attorney Thomas Erskine stood up in the House of Commons to denounce a bill aiming to silence critics of the Government.

Length: 115 words

James Alexander Lovat-Fraser

The Length of a Horse

Unlike some of his fellows in Westminster, Scottish statesman Henry Dundas made no attempt to make himself sound more ‘English’.

Length: 115 words

Proverbs and Quotations

Proverbs of the Northmen

Among the oldest surviving fragments of Norse poetry are some lines of rugged common sense which any age would do well to heed.

Length: 117 words

Modern History

The Wreck of the ‘Dutton’

Sir Edward and Lady Pellew were on their way to a dinner engagement one stormy day, when their carriage was caught up in tragedy at sea.

Length: 119 words

Tudor Era

What to Do With a Glove Full of Angels

Henry VIII and his mistress Anne Boleyn were disappointed once again in their hopes of catching Thomas More with his fingers in the till.

Length: 60 words